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Inside the role of Kendall Roy, ‘Succession’ sad boy

Ahead of the season finale of the HBO hit series, Boston-born Jeremy Strong goes deep on Kendall’s suffering, what lies ahead for him, and his now-infamous rap.

TV Critic’s Corner

Taking stock of lead characters on ‘The Conners’

Lecy Goranson is now second lead to Sara Gilbert, and she delivers some of the best zingers every week.

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A bittersweet story behind the scenes on ‘Julia’

“Diahann Carroll Was the Only Mother I Knew” was written in The New York Times by Marc Copage, who played her son on the groundbreaking sitcom

John Oliver says Trump’s call for foreign investigation is ‘what dictators do’

The HBO host suggested that President Trump asking China and Ukraine to look into Joe Biden should “really bother us.”

‘Saturday Night Live’ talks with ‘Elizabeth Warren’ about her fund-raising success

Cast member Kate McKinnon played the Massachusetts senator and presidential hopeful on “Weekend Update,” discussing her popularity with small-dollar donors and the phone calls she makes to thank them.

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‘Boys’ miniseries to look back on AIDS in ’80s

The cast includes Neil Patrick Harris, Keeley Hawes, Stephen Fry, and Olly Alexander.

Buzzsaw | Matthew Gilbert

How ‘Succession’ has made the games terrible people play so much fun

It turns out that moral ugliness is massively entertaining.