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Elizabeth Warren met her doppelganger in Minnesota Monday night

Stephanie Oyen, a Minnesota resident, said she wore a blazer and glasses to the Monday night rally as a gag — but ended up being mistaken for the real Elizabeth Warren.

Trump says would be ‘appropriate’ for Russia to rejoin G-7

President Trump says it would be appropriate for Russia to be readmitted to a group of the world’s major industrial nations.

Trump says China trade policies may have economic effect on US

President Trump acknowledged Tuesday his aggressive China trade policies may mean economic pain for Americans, and he said he’s considering a payroll tax cut or other measures.

Fact check: No evidence Google ‘manipulated’ millions of votes for Clinton, as Trump claims

He appears to be referring to a disputed estimate given by Robert Epstein, a psychologist and former editor-in-chief at Psychology Today who says he supported and voted for Hillary Clinton.

With rivals heading to California, Biden sets sights on New Hampshire

Joe Biden is skipping the Democratic National Committee’s summer meeting to campaign in New Hampshire this week.

Trump can win re-election, but new polls show he’s right to worry

Donald Trump’s approval has averaged in the low 40s steadily through his presidency. Set against recent history, that’s a dangerous place to be.

White House insists fundamentals of US economy ‘very strong’

It’s a phrase with a history. Republican John McCain was accused of being out of touch when he made a similar declaration during the 2008 presidential campaign just hours before investment bank Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy.

Elizabeth Warren releases sweeping plan to overhaul criminal justice system

Warren released her plan just days after 2020 Democratic rival Senator Bernie Sanders outlined his proposals on the hot-button campaign issue.